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Katherine Scarff
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The importance of interview questions

When you think of leaving your current work place there could be many reasons, the commute, the way your current firm runs or perhaps the fact that you just need a fresh start and a new challenge. When you interview an interviewer asks questions in order to gather as much information about you as possible and ultimately find out if you are the right candidate for the job. Questions from an interviewer are important but it is also your time to ask them questions which will then allow you to really get to grips with what they can offer you.

I have often taken candidate feedback and asked candidates such as what are thoughts on the firm and why you think it is the right role for you or not? What is important, is that if you are looking for flexibility with hours or you need a car parking space, if you are using a recruiter you must let us know and we can let our clients know. It is our job to extract as much information from you as possible but it is also really important for you to reiterate it at interview because if not, it can often be lost in translation and offer can be made which isn’t really what you are looking for. If questions aren’t asked it just means we have to go back our clients and let them know what you are looking for when it could have been sorted at interview.

At BCL Legal we offer advice on good quality questions to ask an interviewer and how to prepare as much as possible before an interview, we also provide useful hints and tips of how to overcome possible objections. As the conveyancing market is so buoyant at the moment it is a great time to be seeking a new opportunity and if you do require some advice with interview techniques and questions that you should and should not ask, then please feel free to give me, Katherine Scarff, a call on 0113 323 4904.

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