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The importance of networking

Networking comes in several different forms and can happen when you least expect it. Some of my best networking has been done on the late night train home (!), but at BCL Legal we are also active sponsors of the London Young Lawyers Group (LYLG) and are frequently in attendance at networking events based in and around the City.

On Thursday 25 February BCL Legal participated in a “Speed Networking” event organised by the London Young Lawyers Group at Bottlescrue near St. Pauls. It was a well attended event and we all enthusiastically participated in speed networking – giving us the chance to exchange business cards and make connections with people that we may work with (or against!) in the future. For further information about the LYLG please visit their website .

Networking not only gives you the opportunity to meet your counterparts from other firms in a relaxed environment, it also allows you to build on your contact base for the future. It is a skill to walk in to a room full of people that you don’t know and to be able to strike up a conversation. It is most definitely a skill that people working in law need to have, particularly as the role of a solicitor is as much about business development as it is practising law. I specialise in maritime law recruitment globally and I find that the shipping industry is a highly sociable environment. For further details about breaking in to shipping law or the career paths that may be open to you, please contact me for further details.

In the meantime, if you are looking to hone your skills or perhaps want to build on your network in London then keep any eye on the LYLG website and come along to the next event!

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