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The importance of updating changes of circumstances

I’ve written before how it pays to It pays to be up front and honest with your recruiter but what I’ve recently come to realise is how crucial it is to continuously update your recruiter about your ever changing requirements.

The opening conversation between candidate and recruiter is generally always a lengthy process. It’s actually one of the best parts of the job; meeting new people and discussing detail the motivation for a new challenge and between us setting out the parameters that need to be met for a move to ultimately be successful.

Quite recently though I’ve encountered a scenario where by a career move was motivated purely as a consequence of a candidate needing to re-locate. The candidate’s other half had secured a new job and so all that remained was for a role to be found in a different county before the couple’s move could proceed.

The usual extensive and detailed career search was undertaken, clients were contacted and interviews were scheduled with the inevitable travel expenses being incurred to attend interviews but, despite some very positive feedback, the move never materialised.

The candidates’ partner decided in the end not to re-locate, turning down the move that had prompted the candidate wanting to move in the first please. Whilst this was communicated to me eventually, it led to a perfect opportunity being missed at a firm in the candidates locality. Sadly, the change in criteria (in this case the locality of the job location) was not readily volunteered by the candidate, which is a shame given the rapport that was built up, and meant that the eventual missed opportunity was met with regret.

Whilst it is essential that your criteria for a new challenge is properly investigated at the outset of the recruitment process, it is imperative that this is continuously reviewed throughout the process as it’s not only the candidate who misses out on the ultimate end goal of a new job, it’s the recruiter as well who’s not been able to fulfil what they set out to do at the outset.

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