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The ‘Leap of Faith’ - from Lawyer to Recruitment Consultant

First hand legal experience straight after college...

Following the successful completion of my A Level studies, I secured an apprenticeship with Clyde & Co LLP in Manchester. It really did feel as if I had realised one of my earliest ambitions, getting my foot in the door with an international law firm. To say I was eager to get going was somewhat of an understatement, full of all the enthusiasm that an 18 year old student-turned lawyer should have!

I successfully completed my Level 3 qualification in Providing Legal Service in 2018 and began my route to qualification as a Chartered Legal Executive.

After all the excitement and rush of working as a lawyer somewhat wore off, I found myself in a position where I was re-assessing my goals and motivations.

Although you wouldn’t be reading this article if I’d have stayed put, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my 4+ year legal journey. I got involved in some amazing work, embraced brilliant opportunities and made connections I’ll always cherish.

Along came 2021 after a difficult year for everyone and I felt that I was ready for a change, I needed a change.

The pandemic offered me a unique opportunity to really have a good think about what it was that I wanted from my career. I felt that my current role wasn’t giving me exactly what I wanted but at the same time,  I’d worked incredibly hard to reach the point I’d got to and I didn’t want to waste this valuable experience.  After plenty of research and deliberating, I decided to explore a career in Legal Recruitment.

BCL Legal really focuses on delivering high quality service and their commitment to supporting and nurturing their people to be the best they possibly can be really appealed to me. Colleagues had previously said to me that recruitment was something that I’d be good at as I’ve always been told that I'm confident and that I have strong people skills (which is lovely to hear!). I submitted my CV and was lucky enough to be afforded this opportunity.

So, what now? ...

I hadn’t even spoken with a legal recruiter in any great detail previously, let alone had any first hand experience. I was what people refer to as ‘brand spanking new’ to the sector. Of course I was a little apprehensive about taking this metaphorical leap of faith but I’ve never looked back. I’m extremely happy in my new role and my goals and ambitions are clear again. I’ve certainly got a lot to learn and that really excites me. The support from everyone here at BCL Legal has been truly fantastic and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Life so far as a Recruitment Consultant truly has been everything I wanted and more. I’ve grasped this opportunity with both and hands and with my amazing team, top-notch supervisor and the incredibly supportive environment here at BCL Legal, I feel confident in developing into the best Consultant I can possibly be. Here’s to a long and successful career!

If you also find yourself looking for a new career opportunity outside of the legal sector, get in touch with Jo Leaver today!

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