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The New Year Recruitment Drive Starts NOW!

There is a common misconception that professionals are inclined to wait until after Christmas to start their job search when in fact, there’s nothing better than spending time with friends and family over the festive period knowing that the perfect job is in the bag ; you go into January with the exciting anticipation of what the new year holds. There is no doubt that December brings Christmas parties, alumni gatherings, bonuses and festivity which is exactly why December is a great time of year to box off that perfect job and bag that perfect lawyer.

An increasing trend is emerging…firms which know they need to recruit in the new year are aiming to beat the competition to secure the best lawyers on the market. If you are hiring, it’s important you keep the momentum going in December and aim to finalise the deal before Christmas because you can bet your bottom dollar that the new year will bring opportunities aplenty which will inevitably turn the heads of ambitious and well regarded fee earners. How about inviting them to the Christmas party, or for a few festive drinks with team mates? Keeping the lines of communication and being inclusive has a real impact on commitment. Equally, if you are considering a move in the new year DON’T WAIT! There are many roles available and moving now so beat the competition and start interviewing, you could have the perfect job all wrapped up for Christmas.

If you would like information on the types of roles we have available give us a call, we have a broad range of legal roles from paralegal through to partner across a range of disciplines. For information on Yorkshire based roles contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475.

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