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The office Secret Santa Dilemma

Its that time of year again when the parties are booked and the decorations are up. The Manchester office of BCL Legal looks over the Christmas markets and it would be fair to say we have already participated in a few mulled wines.

The tricky part comes later today, that annual office tradition that is the drawing of the secret Santa. The thought strikes dread into most.  Who will you draw ? Some people are so easy, take David Carr, based in Manchester our resident insurance specialist, he’s the easiest of the BCL bunch, every year secret Santa sends him 3 bottles of red wine without fail and David is as happy as can be, the rest of the team isn’t that easy.

Will you get the newest person in the office who you have only glanced at over the kitchen twice and you now have to choose them a personalised gift ? Do you take the safe option ? Do you try and be funny or quirky, can the person you have drawn take the joke or will anyone even get your quirkiness (we still have a cliff Richard calendar in cellophane under the desk from last  year)


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