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The personal injury market is on the up!

According to a recent study conducted by an independent consultant, it seems the personal injury market as a sector is adapting positively following reforms set out by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO), 2012. You can find the full article published in the Law Gazette but in a nutshell, the findings would suggest that consumers are still benefitting from the increased ease of access to services and there is a growing perception that fewer frivolous claims are being lodged.

Currently the personal injury market is on the up, particularly the defendant market. Nearly a third of all Solicitor respondents indicated that their firms would be diversifying in the PI market within the next 2 years. As it stands, the PI market is estimated to be worth around £3bn a year and accounts for the second largest sector of the UK legal services market. I have seen a significant increase in defendant personal injury teams across the Midlands embark upon a massive recruitment drive for their motor/casualty personal injury and fraud teams. It therefore begs the question; if defendant PI teams are recruiting there must be a surge of claimant’s making personal injury claims! If the proposed changes go ahead as planned, we are likely to see a downturn in claimants fighting their claims which will invariably have a knock on effect on claimant personal injury teams but it is probably safe to say the insurance industry will likely be thriving!

I specialise in insurance recruitment across the Midlands and am currently working with large international and national personal injury practices that are recruiting for defendant or claimant lawyers looking to cross over to defendant practice into their RTA, EL/PL and insurance fraud teams.

At BCL Legal we like to stay ahead of the curve and speak to individuals to discuss any concerns that they have in their current role and provide them with a selection of options. We will seek to help improve your situation, perhaps you’re unhappy with the stature of firm you work for, the quality of work you handle, the culture you work in or seek a better work-life-balance. We will always attempt to negotiate the best salary and find you a role which offers personal growth and development. It’s certainly not a bad time to consider your options.

If you are actively seeking a move away from your current role or would be interested in having a discussion regarding potential roles in the current market, please contact BCL Legal or call 0845 241 0933.

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