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The Recruitment Process – the personal touch

The Recruitment Process – the personal touch

In this modern world the proliferation of mobile, landline and emails has become the order of the day for communication. All of those methods are a quick and easy way to share information but are they always the best?

Whether initially starting the recruitment process or being someway through there is never anything that adequate replace the face to face meeting. Whilst more time consuming (but often not always), they remain at the very core of our business both with candidates and clients alike. It is not to say that it is always convenient but often the most important things never are. So why do we place such value on it?

The answer is two-fold. Firstly, it adds immense value to us in being able to speak to our clients about you. Your CV will tell part of the story about your experience and your technical capability but it will rarely give an insight into your character and personality and whilst clients will want the right technical ability they will almost certainly be as interested in knowing that you will fit with the people you will be working for. A face to face meeting gives us the opportunity to understand a little bit more about you and add a very personal and vital element to any applications you are to make.

Secondly, it provides the opportunity for you to meet us and be comfortable about our approach and what we can do (and will do) on your behalf. There is (and should be) and inherent degree of trust that flows between candidate and recruiter and it is important to establish that early on.

Ideally, we seek to meet all candidates (where we can) at the outset as it is such an important part of the process. It should not however be the only time that we meet. Updating on applications and providing market overviews can be done over the phone and email (and will continue to be) but there is always merit in catching up. The circumstances under which you are on the phone may not always be conducive to speaking openly and as such a face to face can be an easier forum to speak openly and directly. Discretion is at the heart of what we do and we will always look to meet off-site or in our office to suit your requirements.

It is not that we are lonely and in search of human contact but rather that it is cornerstone of what we do. We are a people business and that is where our interest lies – understanding you and what you want and matching those requirement.

As such, I look forward to seeing you all.

If you would would like to discuss the above article in further detail please contact Paul Warburton Private Practice Consultant for the North West. If you are currently looking for a new opportunity then please visit our legal vacancies page for the latest legal jobs.


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