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The Reputation of a Recruiter

The clear reputation about the recruitment industry has been talked about for years. It is something like ‘Fee hungry recruiters working in a ‘cut throat’ industry, with no sense of team work.’ Here at BCL, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s break this down.

I appreciate that for a law firm, the cost of using an agency is high. Some agencies work on a lower fee rate than we do. This is fine, but what do you get from that? Here, there is an awful lot that goes into the process from our side; our thorough candidate registration process, our investment into sourcing the best candidates, our website and the Brief. We work with clients very closely on a consultative basis and match the right candidates to the right roles. Our dedication to the market that we serve is second to none; we actually offer a range of free services. Take a look at our website for tips on writing your CV, salary guidance, help with the recruitment process for both candidates and clients.

Last week, we held an event for all of the trainee solicitors in Birmingham to talk about the search for an NQ role – this was a brilliant evening and was very well attended. We had guest speakers from Trowers and Hamlins and all of our consultants were on hand to discuss the NQ recruitment process. This was a great opportunity for the trainees to network with their peers, learn about their next steps and have a bite to eat!

As the largest legal recruitment team in Birmingham, we work in vertical markets in an attempt to mirror the clients that we serve. This means that we are able to become experts in our fields. What’s more, most of our consultants have a legal background.

We pride ourselves on our teamwork at BCL. We have just ranked 56th place in The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work 2017. We work together with candidates and clients alike in order to get the best results for everybody.

I am looking forward to talking at the ‘Wine, Cheese and CV’s event for the Worcester JLD. This is to be held at Bottles in Worcester on the 29th March at 6pm. I will be on hand to help you with your CV, give you an overview of the market and talk about the roles that we are working on. Please come along! I work with firms across Worcester and would be best placed to discuss the market with you! Give me a call on 0121 237 5618 to book a place!

Recruiters do pro bono too!

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