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The rise of private client law

In the last 3-6 months, I have seen such a dramatic increase in private client law vacancies. I think it is safe to say I have seen more positions in the first quarter of this year that I did in the whole of 2014. This is great news for clients and candidates alike.

Clients are seeing a real influx of quality candidates, including a number of relocators from London looking to make the move back home to Yorkshire. As is the case with many sudden peaks in the market - it can sometimes just take one or two candidates to leave their current posts which in turn creates a domino style effect across the region as there is a ripple of movement from firm to firm. There is still quite a shortage of candidates however, and I am finding the need for clients to demonstrate flexiblilty in their requirements is becoming increasingly important.

Candidates are in a fortunate position as there are a number of vacancies available, both locum and permanent, full time and part time, from NQ to senior level.

This is a particularly refreshing time for newly qualified solicitors or junior lawyers looking to specialise in private client. I am meeting so many junior lawyers looking to work in private client which is really exciting for a discipline which has perhaps historically been handled by more experienced lawyers. I have recently placed two NQ'S with small high street firms that are looking to build their teams and add a fresh pair of eyes to the development of their departments.

In what can be an incredibly rewarding area of law, it is worth considering private client as a career choice as your qualify. There are a number of opportunities available across Yorkshire at the moment, and given the support networks that are available in these firms, the opportunity to develop and profess your career is becoming increasingly apparent in this busy market.

At the more senior level however this is proving to be the candidate short part of the market. In past experience I have found private client law to be quite a loyal discipline where more senior level candidates tend to stay put for longer periods of time.

Now may be a good time to explore the market - see what's out there - see what opportunities are available to you. Even if it is just a tentative approach there may be positions out there that you aren't aware of. Departments that are looking to expand, grow their client base and need to look for the future leaders of their firms.

If you are contemplating a move within private client, at any level it is worth getting in touch. For more information on private client vacancies across Yorkshire and the North East contact Rozie Hunter at BCL Legal.

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