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The sun shines on new horizons

Lying on my sun lounger on a roof top pool, overlooking Kuta Beach in Bali, my mind wonders back to the UK (who, might I add, are seven hours behind and probably still tucked up in bed).

I always find that a holiday helps us to unwind, relax and to take time off the hamster wheel of life to properly think about the events leading up to this point, appreciate how far you have come and to create a plan moving forward.

I had made my mind up to join the world of legal recruitment on a mountain in Andorra, around early March. This was huge for me. Since secondary school, I have wanted to be a lawyer (according to my form tutor, I was destined to be an all singing, dancing and performing advocate in Court, but I'll leave this for another blog!). Now all of that was changing and it was a surreal concept. I spent 5 years of my post graduate life fee earning in a few disciplines, found that it wasn't for me and that is ok. One of my earlier aims was to make it to an international law firm, I achieved this and found that law still wasn't for me. I guess that we really shouldn't 'meet our idols'.

I did my research, with the help of a good friend who is already in the recruitment industry, and proceeded with my application. I joined BCL and haven't regretted a second! It has been a challenge, but one that I have enjoyed.

Once, I was told that it takes around 6 months at any new place before you can confidently pick up the telephone and be sure that you would be able to deal with, or field, that call in the most efficient way. Look at how far I have come! I have fallen off my bike a few times and am still wearing my stabilisers - but it's ok to make mistakes! Each mistake, I learn from and each win goes towards my development.

Maybe there's something about your role that isn't quite fulfilling you? Here at BCL, we try to get to the core of what it is that you are missing and because of the close relationships that we have with firms, nationwide, we are best placed to find the right role, and firm, for you and tweak your career in the right way.

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