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The Unemployed NQ…is that YOU?

For many aspiring lawyers the ultimate achievement is securing the much sought after training contract which opens up the path to qualification. Of course this is a big achievement which is not to be undervalued by any means! However, many trainees especially those halfway through their second seat, need to start actively weighing up their options…will I be kept on, shall I stay or look for another role? These are all valid concerns that are keeping ambitious NQ’s up at night especially as the qualification season is fast approaching (January to March).

Many of you have already been offered a position upon qualification with your training firm (big congrats!) but where does that leave those who have not had much luck in this fiercely competitive market? Well, firstly do not despair and keep your confidence in tact as that is a key ingredient to interview success. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference so keep reading to find out what you could do to secure that lucrative NQ position:

1) Is your CV holding you back?

A CV is what sparks the initial attraction given that it is the first thing that a potential employer looks at. Therefore, if you are making numerous applications to no avail it is worth checking your CV for errors, typos and reassessing the format. Constructive criticism and/or second opinion of a friend or a trusted recruitment consultant could make the much needed difference.

2) One application does not fit all…ever!

Despite applying for NQ role within the same legal sector say, private client, it does not mean that each vacancy and firm is the same. Therefore, your applications should be tailored to each and every position applied for stating clearly what makes you right for this specific role. Take the time to spell out why you are ‘the’ candidate for them and it might just pay off. An application is your chance and your voice to let the employer see what makes you different from the rest so make sure to tailor it accordingly and in line with their requirements.

3) When Plan A is too far fetched, have you considered a Plan B?

So you have set your heart on qualifying into a certain area of law but despite making countless applications, you are getting no closer to sitting at your new desk and practising in your chosen field. By no means, give up on your passion but do consider the current market trends and how that is affecting your job search. Also, go over your training contract and think long and hard about what other seats you have enjoyed and do not limit yourself so early on in your career. Opening your horizons could lead to a world of opportunities…

4) Positivity

Lastly and very importantly, do not lose hope! A new year is around the corner which could bring new opportunities and beginnings.

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