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These boots…

Every time that winter comes around I tell myself I want a new pair of black suede boots, and every year the winter comes and goes and I still haven’t managed to find the right pair of boots. I dream about these boots; I create the ideal pair of boots in my head and begin a tiresome search to locate them. At the end of it all, what I actually end up with is sore feet from traipsing through the shops, less friends after I have subject them to endless days of shopping, and a deflated attitude as the boots, yet again, prove to be non-existent.

This year round I have decided to take a different approach. Instead of searching for my “ideal” pair of boots and ending up boot-less, I have decided to open my mind to the possibility of other options. I have looked at different colours, styles, materials and prices. I have taken advice from friends who have already purchased their winter boots about what is out there in the shops and what they think might suit me.

…… I bought some boots! They were not what I was expecting to purchase at all, but they do the trick and now my search is finally over.

At BCL Legal, as the biggest legal recruitment consultancy outside of London, I speak to clients daily about what they are looking to recruit. I have a number of clients who come to me regularly; these may be large national or international practices with a number of offices across the UK, or small partnerships or sole practitioners in the rural countryside. I take the same approach with each client and provide 100% objective advice, 100% of the time. At BCL Legal, we work in vertical markets based on location and specialism; this means that we can track all legal moves and get to grips with each market on a highly detailed level.

Like I did with my friends, if you want to know what’s available to you in the market and might fit what you are looking for - ask us!

We try to take our time to understand the business need behind each piece of recruitment, and to get to grips with each team and each role. We can then use this information alongside our comprehensive market knowledge to help you recruit. If you have an ideal candidate in your head, that, in this market, does not exist – we will tell you! We can then suggest alternatives; your ideal candidate may be qualified, but have you considered an unqualified fee earner already doing the job? You may be seeking a candidate who specialises in one particular area, but have you considered someone with transferrable skills and a demonstrable interest? You may have an ideal budget in your head, but if we have a candidate with a following, or contacts that can help bring business, is there any flexibility?

Life is sometimes about compromise. There may be a list of things that you absolutely cannot compromise on, but if there is one of two things of which you think you can be flexible on, tell us. We want to provide solutions to your problems!

If you wish to have a chat about the market as it stands, please contact BCL Legal or call 0121 230 1020. We specialise in placing legal professionals across the East Midlands and East Anglia.

For anyone wanting to know, my boots are leopard print! Go figure…


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