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Thinking of moving away from Personal Injury? Think again!

According to the latest economic forecast, up to 35,000 jobs may be at risk as a result of the impending PI reforms. If the government proposals do come in law 4 out of 5 people directly employed in personal injury claims may be at risk of losing their job.

To those of us who started this year full of hope, after what many are dubbing the worst year in recent history, this news doesn’t bode well. However, it is worth looking at the counter argument too, as it stands, the PI market is estimated to be worth around £3bn a year and accounts for the second largest sector of the UK legal services market. I have seen a significant increase in defendant personal injury teams across the Midlands embark upon a massive recruitment drive for their motor/casualty personal injury and fraud teams. It therefore begs the question; if defendant PI teams are recruiting there must be a surge of claimant’s making personal injury claims! If the proposed changes go ahead as planned, we are likely to see a downturn in claimants fighting their claims which will invariably have a knock on effect on claimant personal injury teams but it is probably safe to say the insurance industry will likely be thriving!

BCL Legal has always had a specialist recruiter focusing on personal injury roles and traditionally it has always been the most heavily invested area of recruitment. Granted, the nature of the roles we recruit for may have changed somewhat – but the fact remains that week upon week – new vacancies are regularly released!

I specialise in personal injury and insurance recruitment across the Midlands and am currently working with large international and national personal injury practices that are recruiting for defendant or claimant lawyers looking to cross over to defendant practice into their RTA, EL/PL and insurance fraud teams. If you are actively seeking a move away from your current role or would be interested in having a discussion regarding potential roles in the current market, please contact BCL Legal or call 0845 241 0933.

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