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Thinking of using a recruiter?

Recruitment agencies can be a really useful addition when you start to contemplate your job search as they often have an in-depth sector knowledge as well as useful contacts within specific organisations. However a recruiter can only be as good as the tools you give him so it well worth making sure you provide as much information in order to work in partnership with your agent.

Before contacting any recruitment agency, you’ll need to conduct some research to make sure you’re using a specialist and they do recruit at the level you require. Check out the roles they have advertised on their website, do they advertise entry-level and graduate roles or is their focus more on experienced hire? If you are a partner looking to move with a team there may be an agent that is better placed to do this.

Registering with lots of agents can seem like a good idea but it can be confusing and time consuming and lead to lots of issues down the line. It’s important to be able to keep track of positions you’re being considered for and through which agency. If you research them carefully, registering with two or three agencies should be a good starting point. Just have a look at the experience and background of the agent to see if you are comfortable they can assist you.

Ensure your CV is up to date and does a good job of highlighting key skills and achievements. We see lots of CVs that give lots of information but don’t actually tell us much about technical ability which is the vital information both the agent and the firm are looking for. Highlight this information or bullet point it, just be really clear.

When preparing for interview, make sure you do some research yourself on the firm on linked in, their website and any other sites you feel might be useful. Don’t get caught out on not being up to date with their most recent information, have the firm just merged with someone or won a new client etc. Using an agency is no excuse for being under prepared.

BCL Legal is a really good place to start and gives lots of market information as well as salary information and current opportunities.

For more information contact Joanna Marklove at BCL Legal.

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