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Three years in Legal Recruitment – What I’ve learnt!

My first day in recruitment was the 1st of September 2014. I’d finished university and had a summer of travelling Europe which was my last ‘blowout’ before starting my first post university job and career in recruitment. So three years on, what have I learnt? The answer is a hell of a lot. There are three main areas I think I’ve learnt a lot about and they are The legal sector, the recruitment industry and the right way to run a business and I wanted to explain in a bit more detail why moving into recruitment is the best decision I’ve made.

The legal sector has definitely been the steepest of learning curves for myself however 3 years on I can happily say I have a good grasp of the legal markets across the country and in particular my sector specialism of transactional law in Leeds and wider Yorkshire thanks to BCL.

The recruitment industry is never straight forward. Every day is different and each client and candidate you deal with happens to be unique in their own ways and I think that’s what makes recruitment a great industry to work in. You’re always being challenged with different tasks and it really is a rollercoaster.

Finally, the correct way to run a business. It’s a bit of a strange thing to learn, however once you’re in a business that fully invests in you and supports you from the start, you can’t help but repay that back into the business. From the first interview at BCL you can see that they want every consultant to be as successful as they can possibly be. You are rewarded for your success and you work within a team that wants to succeed collectively. Everyone works towards the same goal and I think that’s something that is extremely rare in the recruitment industry.

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