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Why does ‘time fly’ so quickly when you’re working in legal recruitment?

Reflecting on my first year in legal recruitment, it’s safe to say, it’s been quite the journey. I started at BCL Legal with no previous recruitment experience, and from Day One it’s been a year of fast-paced on-the-job learning coupled with regular training and development. The training I’ve received has been second to none, which has made my transition from legal practice to legal recruitment quite smooth. In addition, I’ve had the support of a great team.

Legal practice v legal recruitment

There are similarities. The biggest is dealing with people. The second is the fast pace. And yes, I still have targets.

There are also major differences; some which came as a surprise. The team culture at BCL Legal is very supportive. We work together to get results, celebrate successes and commiserate together when things don’t go to plan.

Also, recruitment is notorious for the social life (how awful!) and BCL Legal knows how to be the best at this. In my first year I’ve attended team lunches, nights out, award ceremonies, and not to forget, the five star Palma trip!! (Head to our Instagram page to see our holiday pics).

Ups and downs in legal recruitment

There are many ups and downs in recruitment and it’s fair to say things don’t always go to plan. How do I deal with this? I’m encouraged to learn from each experience and I’ve always got the team behind me on a bad day.

Every day is a chance to learn and get better at the job. At BCL Legal, there are amazingly talented recruiters on hand to give advice at every turn. You’re not expected to be ‘perfect’ from Day One; you’re encouraged to not hide behind mistakes but to learn from them.

My journey at BCL Legal – a recap

Since I started, my team and BCL Legal as a whole has grown, and the future is exciting. There are lots of new faces in the office and new people to get to know.

I’m working with fantastic clients and BCL Legal has given me all the tools needed to succeed. I’ve met some great people along the way, and there’s no better job satisfaction than helping someone land their dream job, or when you help a client fill that “impossible to fill” role.

Thinking back to my first day, I didn’t know what to expect, but the last year has flown by. And thanks to BCL Legal, I’ve had a pretty successful journey. I’ve got to say a massive thank you to my team: it’s been a great year and I couldn’t ask for better people to be on this journey with.

Interested in working in recruitment?

If you’re thinking about a career in recruitment and you’re passionate about working hard to get results; you’re a team player and have a strong willingness to learn, then get in touch with BCL Legal’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Natalie Young. BCL Legal continues to grow and is recruiting now!

My experience proves that you don’t have to have a background in recruitment; all you need is your own commitment to the process and the ability to listen and learn.

One last thing...

If I’ve learned one thing from the last year, it’s to roll with the punches: if you ‘fall down’, dust yourself off and carry on. Most importantly, if it’s on the bad days you’ve got a whole team of people ‘pulling you back up’ and willing you to succeed, you know you’re in the right job.

So thanks BCL Legal and here’s to Year Two!

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