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Time for a change?

Time for a change?

Changing jobs in the middle of a recession may not seem like a good idea, however if you dread going to work every day and wish the hours away whilst you are there then changing roles might be the best thing you will ever do. Most of us will be working well into our 70s… so if you’re in your 30s a change of direction now could give you a fulfilling and enjoyable career that last for 40 years.

There are many factors that could be influencing you at this particular stage in your life. There could be financial reasons, a better work life balance or perhaps you want to do something you feel passionate about rather than just a role that “pays the bills”.

So what should you do to implement this change?  Make a plan – think about the role that you want and what steps you will need to take to get there. In particular focus on any skills that you have gained so far and how they would be transferrable to your desired role.

The more proactive you are now, the more chance you have to find that role which makes you spring out of bed in the morning.

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