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Time for a festive break

Employers still are undecided as to whether closing the office between Christmas and New Year is a good idea. However, recent studies have highlighted the benefits to employees having a break from the demands of the job has long term benefits to both physical and mental health.

Taking a step back from the work place can give you the opportunity to take stock and re-evaluate your current role; are you getting the progression you were promised? Do you feel you have developed your skills from this time last year? Is your pay review reflective of the current market? Employers will be doing the same, assessing work loads and planning recruitment budgets for 2015. In the personal injury and insurance market in Liverpool and Merseyside, firms continue to recruit and are making plans for 2015.

So my advice is to get your festive hats on, put your feet up and make your career plan for 2015.

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