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Katherine Scarff
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What time of year is best to secure a new job?

Is it just me or has it started to feel a little bit chillier? Dark nights, leaves falling and festive lights going up, Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year. I mean we’ve not even had bonfire night yet and the lights are going up and the smell of mulled wine is definitely there. Thinking of this in a recruitment context, Christmas will be here in no time and let me tell you things will start to slow down. Holidays are booked and of course people make the make the most of a longer break, I mean who can blame them. This is great for a client but if you are a candidate looking to make the move take my advice and start now. Get your interviews in and think of your competition. Most candidates think I will wait until the New Year to move, I mean New Year new you right? Don’t wait get out there now whilst there is less competition and you will have the pick of the best jobs. Firms are looking to recruit now and the conveyancing market is really buoyant, in fact if you do start now and are worried about time to commit to interviews or how to go about the whole thing, it’s fine we can help and give you some really good advice about which firms to approach and what might be best for you.

Last year the conveyancing market went crazy in January, there were so many more candidates applying for each job than in November/December. So if you are keen to move and want the run of the mill, get looking now. I know if I was keen to move I’d like to enjoy my Christmas holiday and not worry about finding a new job and going back to something that isn’t for me. If you would like any advice on the conveyancing market and further information about how we can help, then get in touch with Katherine Scarff at BCL Legal on 0113 323 4904.

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