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To leave, or not to leave: That is the question

In honour of the literary celebration that is World Poetry Day 2016, this month I have turned my hand to poetry writing. I can hear the nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature rolling in…

So you are a legal professional seeking a new job? What’s bought you to this stage? Is it a new challenge that you are after? Or a higher monthly wage?

What discipline is it you specialise in? What area of law are you good at? What does your five year plan look like? In whose chair would you like to be sat!

Talk to me; tell me what the problem is Why is it that you wish to leave? Let me get to grips with why it’s so painful to stay and the pain, I will do my best to relieve

If you think about it, what would your ideal role look like? What would you really love to do? If I could wave a magic wand, what would the dream be for you?

Are you seeking a position in a huge international firm, or is it smaller, regional, or high street, that you crave? Are you after a higher rank or status within the practice? Don’t worry, what you tell me is in confidence; be brave!

Is relocation an option, or will you travel for this role? Do you have family and children at home? Are you after shorter working hours and a better work : life balance, Or else will your husband/wife be on the phone!

Whatever it is you are after, there’s plenty of opportunities out there so don’t delay! I cover all specialisms across the East Midlands market From Nottingham, down Northampton way

So if you’re into commercial or corporate law, or maybe family, employment, private client is more your thing. Contact BCL Legal or call 0121 230 1020; an email you should ping!

It is World Poetry Day during this month of March, Hence why I’ve written this drone. I’ll end by saying that the first step is yours… So what are you waiting for: get on the phone!


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