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Too much information?

Only six months into my BCL Legal career and I’ve had another first that I’m particularly proud of – My first ex-pat candidate has successfully secured a role back in the UK enabling them to return with their family and continue their career in Yorkshire. This was achieved through the use of email/skype and telephone calls.

When I think back hard enough I can remember a life without internet and the early days when we had a noisy dial up connection set up on an excessively deep monitor. Where would we be now without the reams of information available at the touch of a screen on a pocket sized device? Probably doing something more constructive than chasing images of Japanese cartoons, but also without all of the opportunities it brings. Being able to interview for/secure a role which is the other side of the world is an amazing thing.

With this is also the opportunity to job search to your heart’s content. However, having instant access to numerous job boards can make the search for a new role hap-hazard and it can be difficult to even know where to start. Adverts use search optimisation terms, but it doesn’t mean they’re the most relevant to you. If you’re actively looking you can fall into that trap of submitting applications here, there and everywhere, because the internet has made it so easy to submit your CV. Often, the more applications you submit the less responses you will receive as your application will not be tailored and it’s probably not right for you.

If you haven’t used a recruiter before I would strongly recommend having a conversation with a specialist in the area you practice in. Here at BCL Legal we work vertical markets, so there will be someone that knows everything about the market you are interested. We can provide information on the firms actively recruiting and where you will fit best. Let us remove the uncertainty and help you see past the marketing jargon. If you’re looking to re-locate (be that a few hundred or a few thousand miles), use our regional knowledge to guide you towards the perfect job!

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