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Top 5 interview tips...

So, you’ve landed an interview at an excellent firm for a role that sounds perfect for you… now it’s time to prepare for your interview!

What sorts of things should you be considering?

1.       Know your CV

  • This sounds like an obvious point but it’s so important to make sure you know your CV back to front. You may have an example of work on your CV from years ago that you haven’t thought about in quite a while. Set aside some time ahead of your interview to have a look over your CV and remind yourself of work you’ve done in the past. You should make sure that you can confidently talk about any example of work you’ve included on your CV and setting aside a little bit of time to do this will be beneficial. 

2.       Market research

  • Generally, your interviewer will be keen to know how much you know about where they sit in the market. Get to know who their competitors are, what sets them apart from others in the market, what recent transactions have taken place in the team recently.

3.       Research

  •  Research, research, research. Set aside some time ahead of your scheduled interview to look into the team you’re interviewing for. Find out how many people are in the team, the sort of work they do, their client base. Finding out all of this information will put you in a good position to have in depth conversations about the opportunity at interview.

4.       Why that firm?

  •  The firm that you’re interviewing for will be keen to know why you’re interested in them in particular. It’s therefore a good idea to have a specific answer prepared for why you are particularly interested in working for that firm in particular. This will avoid you being caught off guard. Even if you aren’t specifically asked why you’re interested in working for them, if you have an answer prepared you can work this into the conversation somewhere to show your interest in the firm.  

5.       Prepare questions

  • Make sure to have questions prepared ahead of your interview.  This will show that you’re engaged and have done your research. Try and avoid the generic sorts of questions and do a little bit more digging. If you’ve researched your interviewer, you probably have some questions surrounding recent cases they’ve worked on, maybe you have a particular interest in a certain area of their practice and you’re keen to know more.

As a recruitment consultant at BCL Legal, it’s my job to help you through your interview process and as much as I can. If you’re open to considering your options in the London Legal market, feel free to get in contact with me to discuss what opportunities I’m working on at the moment.

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