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Top 5 things conveyancers love about conveyancing

Every day I speak to conveyancers who are eager to move jobs. This is due to various reasons: relocation, the job role, the team set up… the list goes on.

But in terms of the discipline and job itself, what do conveyancers love about their role? Why does a conveyancer do what they do? There are many reasons but below are some of the most common I come across:

  1. Helping people through a journey. Moving house is stressful and things go wrong, but when everything ties together at the end there’s nothing more rewarding than making the “you can come and collect your keys” call. A person in conveyancing will tell you it’s the best feeling in the world knowing they've helped someone during a significant life event.
  2. Inside knowledge of the property market. This is one of the most common reasons a conveyancer loves their job. A lot of people who get into conveyancing have a genuine interest in property, and more often than not, they’ve spent time studying the property market or they own several properties themselves; knowing conveyancing is a buoyant and fantastic market to build a career in.
  3. The people. More generally, whether it’s the team, boss or loyal clients they’ve built long-lasting relationships with, people are a huge part of loving the job.
  4. Rewards and benefits. A no-brainer. Conveyancers who work their way up usually see an increase in rewards and benefits, including flexibility, competitive bonus, free car parking (for one person this mightn’t matter, but for someone else, it can be a crucial deal breaker). Firms are becoming more and more competitive to retain staff and it’s certainly adding to overall job satisfaction.
  5. Reputation. If a conveyancer feels they work for a good and reputable firm then they’re not going anywhere. Reputation can be everything and if a firm gets this right, it has a huge impact: people talk and conveyancing is a relatively small market.
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