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Reasons clients don’t advance lawyers to the 2nd stage interview/offer

Don’t shoot the messenger – the reasons listed below come directly from the horse’s mouth: feedback we receive from clients!

Lack of preparation

  1. “Not enough research was undertaken into our business.”
  2. “Didn’t give us a reason why the specific role was strongly desired over another one; especially another they’d concurrently interviewed for.”
  3. “Didn’t seem to know their CV – seemingly attempted to wing the interview.”
  4. “No solid reason for the moves on their CV – felt that our role might be another stepping stone for them.”

Things to be wary of: don’t jeopardise your chances at interview

  1. “I felt I was being interviewed, not the other way around. I expect some questions but not a barrage of them.”
  2. “There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance – unfortunately, this lawyer erred into arrogance.”
  3. “Too negative about current employer – need to think about re-framing their current frustrations as it came across as a moan.”
  4. “Was incapable of answering questions concisely.”
  5. “Poor eye contact – found it hard to build rapport and engage.”
  6. “Poor choice of question. They asked: “can you tell me how by joining your business, I won’t be de-skilling?”
  7. “The lawyer didn’t know when to stop talking. They need to read the signs, the interviewers became disengaged.”

Other reasons interviewees aren’t progressed

  1. Social media – HR can search your profile and choose not to progress based on inappropriate content
  2. Lack of cultural fit is a common reason. It’s very difficult to be someone you’re not, so in the long term, it’s probably the right move for both parties
  3. Being rude to the receptionist or other people you meet before the interview
When all of the above can go wrong, it’s a wonder anyone gets through an interview process!


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