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Top Tips for Job Seekers in the New Year

As 2017 has ended and we say hello to 2018, we start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and everything that we want to achieve.

Will one of your goals be to find a new job? If so, January would be a great time to start working on this! A company’s main goal is growth and this will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the beginning of the New Year. And, what goes hand in hand with business growth? Recruitment!

Here are a few tips on how to make your job search a little easier in the New Year…

Update your CV

Have you got a little spare time on your hand in the few days between Boxing Day and New Years Eve? Have you finished playing with your toys and messing with your new gadgets?

Well then, you might as well spend a little time updating your CV. It doesn’t have to be long and you don’t have to change the whole lot but it does need to be up-to-date. It might seem a dull task but you will be grateful come New Year, when you come across that first job that catches your eye and you can ping your CV off quickly!

Need a little help with your CV?

Speak with a Recruiter

One way to make your job search quicker and easier is to speak with a recruiter. Why you ask?

• We know the market. At BCL Legal, all of the consultants specialise in one legal sector so our knowledge of that specific area is excellent. • We also have jobs released to us daily direct from our clients and we might even have inside knowledge about jobs that are coming up meaning that you get a head start with your application!

Using a recruiter means you don’t have to trawl through the job sites, send cover letters or waste your time applying for jobs that might have been filled.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You might have in mind a specific role at a specific firm that you think is your dream job. However, the reality is that you don’t really know if the role or firm is right for you until you have, at the very least, been to an interview.

It would be best to keep your options open and submit a few applications to different firms. If you are then called for a number of interviews, you have the opportunity to compare the roles and make an informed decision about what will be the right career move for you.

Happy New Year! I hope this helps to make your job search a little less stressful in 2018!

For more information contact Georgie Willisford at BCL Legal.

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