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Lauren Tootell
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Transitioning from Law to Legal Recruitment with BCL Legal

I graduated from Salford University with a first class Law degree, after having initially applied for Spanish, I somehow found myself making the last minute decision to study law.

After graduating, I dove straight into a paralegal role at a small firm where I realised almost immediately that it just wasn’t for me. I stuck it out for almost a year and then decided to try a larger firm.

I had after all already dedicated over 3 years of my life to the law so I wasn’t giving up that easy.

I spent 2 years at Keoghs which I did actually enjoy (but that may have had something to do with the quarterly events and free nights out!). Despite being happy in my job I still knew that the work wasn’t interesting me like it should and I just didn’t have the drive to progress and aim for a training contract.

Fast forward 2 years and I was back working at a small high street firm due to redundancy. I was smashing all my targets, doing twice as many units per day as the others on my team and still earning less per hour than a Customer Service Assistant at Tescos.

...It was following that realisation that I decided it was time for change.

I had always been interested in recruitment but I had been put off by other recruiters in the past who had told me there was no way to get into the sector without experience.

It’s obvious now that they just wanted to find me a legal role and get their commission but at the time I really did believe that it just wasn’t an option. But then along came BCL. I received an email offering the opportunity to retrain as a Legal Recruiter and it was just what I had been waiting for. I replied confirming my interest and it was the quickest email I have ever written.

That was almost 5 months ago, and I am now 1 month into my new role as an Associate recruitment consultant at BCL.

I knew changing careers at this stage would not be easy and I would have a lot of learning to do, the move has certainly been a lot more challenging than I expected.

Working in a law firm I left my desk at half 5 and did not give my work another thought until I returned at 9 the next morning. Now I find myself wondering whether Sarah has got back to me about the Family role whilst I’m having my tea, or going over my searches in my head wondering if I’ve missed anyone out.  However, this is because you become fully invested in your candidates and clients...

Recruitment really is addictive and once things start to come together it really is an enjoyable job to do. The main draw for me was knowing that if I put 100% into this I’m going to get rewarded...

...Not just financially but mentally too. It’s a great feeling helping somebody make a move that really will improve a massive part of their life.

My advice to lawyers considering a similar move would be to have an open mind.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied or just generally unhappy, you can do something about it. Speak up and get a feel of what opportunities are out there.  Make sure to consider what your main motivations are and whether you think recruitment would fulfil them.

There are so many skills that can be taken from a legal career into recruitment, you will not have wasted any time at all!

I may only be 1 month in, but I have not regretted my decision for one minute and I am excited to see what lies ahead.

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