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UK Housing market waking up after a subdued first quarter!

As a specialist residential conveyancing recruiter I notice there does tend to be a bit of a trend in receiving instructions from clients depending on the time of year. This year however I have found the trends to be slightly out of sync in comparison to the previous two years.

What I have observed over the last two years of specialising in residential property recruitment is that there tends to be certain times of the year when the market slows down, notably just after Christmas/start of the new year and July/August. This year however, January/ February were super busy months for receiving new instructions from clients looking to recruit into their conveyancing teams due to a sustained increase in workload despite reports on BBC News of a subdued first quarter with mortgage approvals down since December 2014. According to the Office for National Statistics house prices have risen but lending levels are still lower than they were a year ago.

We are all aware that after the recession, the housing market went through the roof (no pun intended). There was only one way it could go after all particularly with all the government initiatives and the introduction of the help to buy scheme. What we are now seeing is a much more settled housing market. Statistics for the second quarter are yet to be released however here at BCL Legal we have not seen a let up in the number of firms looking to recruit. Firms are confident the housing market will remain buoyant and continue to implement their growth plans through the recruitment of residential conveyancers at both an experienced and junior level. Roles exist for experienced paralegals, legal executives, licensed conveyancers and solicitors with firms across the East and West Midlands offering straightforward fee earning roles as well as the opportunity to progress into management.

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