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Using a recruitment consultant…?

Whether you are at the very first post of your legal career looking for that first lucrative step in the door or you are a successful and established lawyer, is it worth speaking to a recruiter?

I know it’s a bit of a minefield and a whirl of questions run through your head, working out which agents offer what, who is better placed to speak to etc., are you better off doing things directly? So I wanted to give you a bit of an idea on the benefits of speaking to someone who day to day works in this field.

More and more professionals are enlisting the help of an expert to assist them in their job-searches. Using the right recruitment consultant can give you that inside information you need to get that sought after opportunity. This is really important as it might mean you find out about roles first, get a better idea of the team dynamic, and know more about the work so can prep better for interview.

As a recruiter it’s our job to know about the market, moves, client wins so we can properly advise you about the market. This way you don’t end up attending interviews that aren’t quiet what you were looking for and so end up turning down an offer further down the track.

It’s important that you make the most out of your consultant; it’s our job to review your CV, offer advice and guidance, and assist with any interview preparation. It’s important to be honest. If you’ve made any applications elsewhere (either through a different recruitment agency or through a direct approach) let your consultant know! The more information we are provided with should assist us doing a much better job than only having half a story.

It’s also great having someone else to negotiate for you. It’s much easier to push back on an offer when someone else has to deliver it! Think back to the last time you negotiated something as straight forward as your next car purchase or new TV package! How much easier was it to have someone else do it for you!!!

If you are not sure and still maybe want to go lone ranger and tackle the market alone but fancy a chat about it we are more than happy to still try and help and give you the best advice possible.

For more information please contact Joanna Marklove at BCL Legal.

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