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Video technology and the Candidate Interview – Business wasting time and money on face-to-face interviews

A recent Recruitment Grapevine article highlighted that there is a general lack of awareness and use of video technology for interviews. The article highlighted that more than half (55%) of the companies surveyed had never used video interviewing, despite 30% of those surveyed using similar technology – Skype, FaceTime and video conferencing – for other personal and business use.

The main thrust of the article is that businesses could be wasting time and money on unnecessary face-to-face interviews that could be conducted by video, and that the technology is here now to allow businesses to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings offered.

Here at BCL Legal, we do make use of video technology to help evaluate potential candidates. Often when a personal meeting – our preferred option - is not feasible, due to location, time restraints and/or volume of applicants, using video technology allows us to assess and evaluate individuals, and to see beyond their CV.

The use of video technology is of particularly importance to our In-house Consultants. They have a strong focus on a candidates personality fit for a role/company, as this is something which is of great importance to our in-house legal clients, and the use of video technology allows us to “meet” more people than would ordinarily be the case. This is particularly the case when working international roles but it regularly applied to domestic roles too.

We at BCL Legal highly recommend our clients to make use of video interviewing when and where appropriate. This could be for a first or follow-up interviews, or even when trying to narrow down a short-list of potential candidates. As the article suggests, video technology is “a brilliant way to evaluate a group of candidates efficiently … without incurring the expense or time waste of inviting unsuitable candidates to a face-to-face interview.”

Video conferencing is also a great tool for moving your recruitment process forward more quickly. We all know setting up face-to-face meetings can take time and that aligning multiple diaries can be a logistical nightmare. By using video technology you can more quickly arrange interviews and can therefore fill your roles more quickly. In an improving economy, where candidates are being offered multiple roles, time is often of the essence. Getting to the conclusion of your recruitment process in an efficient and speedy manner is often the difference between securing the best candidates or seeing them slip away.

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Craig Wilson is a Senior Consultant – In-house at BCL Legal. He focuses on the recruitment of in-house legal staff in the South-East.

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