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We’re here to help! – The importance of transparency throughout your job search

It’s my responsibility as a legal recruiter to secure the best result for both my candidates and clients. In order to make this happen and allow for processes to run as smoothly as possible it’s important that there is transparency between all parties.

Candidates can sometimes be wary or reluctant to be completely honest and transparent with their recruiter.

Salary – one of the main details that candidates can be reluctant to share, it’s hugely important that you give us the correct information to allow us to do the best job for you. It’s in our interest to secure you the best possible salary.

Reasons for leaving current/previous roles – I think for candidates it can feel a little intrusive when a recruiter is delving into your job moves and the motivations behind those moves. BUT, we can help relay reasons in the best possible way to future employers and we can ensure we discuss relevant opportunities/firms with you.

Where you’ve already sent your CV – It’s understandable when you’re actively seeking a new role you try and get as many applications out as possible via as many sources as you can. The difficulty with approaching your search this way is that it can result in duplications and firms receiving your CV numerous times within a short timeframe. It doesn’t reflect well on the applicant or the agency when this happens. Consider instructing just one agency and keeping record of where your CV has been sent.

Other processes – It can be the case that when you’re interviewing with a firm part way through the process you’re invited forward for another role via someone else. If this is from a direct application or via another agency it’s important to keep all parties informed and in the loop. This will help avoid any delays if one process moves quicker than the other/speeds slower processes up if you need to make decisions sooner.

I’m sure there is much more I could add to the above but the point is it’s important to be transparent with your recruiter as we’re here to help, support and guide you through your job search. Full disclosure and honesty from the off helps us do the best job for you. 

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