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What challenges do you face in your new job?

So, you’ve made the often difficult decision to step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap into the unknown. For a lot of people, change is not a welcome entity; immediately, it can feel unnatural and disrupt your equilibrium. However, in the long term, change is needed to achieve personal and professional growth and development.

Speaking from experience…

In February this year, I made the decision to exit my comfort zone and venture into the unknown. After spending eight years at my previous employer and progressing through the ranks, I decided I was ready for a new challenge. I started to question that by staying in one job for so long: had I ‘deskilled’ myself? My self-reflection led me to apply for a select number of jobs, carefully chosen after thorough research.

Fast forward to July and I’m happily settling into my new comfort zone at a supportive, inclusive and progressive company. This being said, my ‘settling-in period’ is continuous and by no means happened overnight. Regardless of the fact I have eight years’ experience in legal recruitment, moving to a new company vacillated my confidence in my ability to do my job. Why? Because different companies have different ways of working.

Unwavering confidence – its importance when you start a new job

You need to have confidence.

Remind yourself you’re sat in your seat for a reason, don’t fall foul to the dreaded imposter syndrome and rely on what you know.

Patience is key and asking questions and listening are paramount. You can’t assume you ‘know it all’ and you have to be willing to learn in order to do well in your new job.

Perfectionism can be your worst enemy

Accept you won’t be perfect, at least not right away.

If you’re a perfectionist like me, making mistakes never sits well.

Understand that mistakes aren’t as bad as you think; they help you learn and most errors can be rectified quickly. If you do make a mistake, take accountability and talk about it with your seniors.

Others in the same boat

Scope out other fellow newbies. Talking through your challenges with someone else who’s experiencing a similar journey to you will help you feel at ease.

If you used a recruiter to get your new job, don’t forget you can pick up the phone and speak in confidence about any concerns you have in your new role.

The first three months are the most important

This period presents an opportunity to prove yourself and your capabilities to your new employer, likewise, your employer needs to do the same. Your new employer should deliver on everything that was promised at the interview stage: from training to feeling part of the team - and this should be from day one.

This is why it’s so important to undertake thorough due diligence before accepting a new role – you want to make sure you opt for a company that not only aids your career but complements your personality and character.

Finally, remind yourself why you decided to leave your old job. It’s easy to question or even doubt your choices when you feel unsettled. You might crave your ‘norm’ but rest assured a year will whiz by and at this point you will have forgotten all about the new job jitters.

If you’re feeling like I did and you’re actively looking for a new legal role, BCL Legal's expertise is second to none. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your options with us. Each of BCL’s experienced recruiters focus on specific locations within niche markets so you’re dealing with a specialist who’s dedicated to finding an opportunity to suit you.

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