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What do candidates want from recruiters?

I recently wrote an article on how technology is overtaking human interaction in recruitment and how the digital age is taking over. This article on Recruitment Grapevine echo’s what I said in my previous blog. Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on what candidates want from recruiters.

Technology is making searching for a new job all that much easier as most jobs will now be posted online on a relative job board. According to the article on recruitment grapevine 35% of people said they would start their job search by looking on a job board. Within the residential conveyancing team at BCL Legal, we get over half of our candidates directly from our website.

More and more people are turning to online applications and I believe this will only become more apparent over the next few years. As a recruiter however it is vitally important we maintain interaction with our candidates via the telephone or face to face as it is very hard to build up a relationship over email or text. If I was to use a recruiter then I would want to speak to them in the first instance to gauge if they are the person/company that I want to work with. Having used recruiters in the past I have always gone with the one that not only understands my job requirements the best and who has a high level of understanding of the market but where there is a natural rapport between the recruiter and me.

Recruiters don’t seem to have the best reputation but I truly feel that here at BCL Legal our consultative approach is very different to that of most recruiters. Yes, I may be a little biased but we really do take the time to understand our candidate’s needs and if we do not think they are a right fit for a job we will discuss it with them. We will no doubt have a number of other opportunities that are a better fit for their experience, skill set and aspirations. Here at BCL Legal we specialise in specific areas of law as well as geographical regions which puts us in a stronger position than most other recruiters in terms of our market knowledge.

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