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What does good customer service in residential conveyancing mean to you?

I recently went on holiday to Boston. No not Boston in Lincolnshire (although I have heard it’s nice there) but Boston in America, the home of MIT, Harvard, the freedom trail and of course the Samuel Adams brewery. I had been looking forward to this holiday for some time saving as much as possible at every available opportunity, but for all my efforts, nothing could save me from the bad customer service I was about to receive.

Customer service is an important and integral part of any job role, whether that’s in my world of recruitment or your world of residential conveyancing. In recruitment we deal with clients and candidates ensuring both parties are kept happy and in the loop whilst attempting to bring that information together to match ambitions and requirements. As a residential conveyancer communication is just as crucial. In your world where the phone doesn’t stop ringing and the plie of papers on your desk doesn’t stop growing, it’s important to remember that great customer service is at the heart of all you do. Essentially whatever role you’re in, customer service will certainly have a part to play and poor customer service can leave a bad taste for the foreseeable future.

That brings me nicely to my recent experience, and whilst I can honestly say, hand on my heart that Boston is an amazing city and a great place to visit, the trip was not all plain sailing. Firstly my apartment was cancelled 36 hours before I was due to land in America. Cue stress city! The next few hours were frantic and spent both attempting to speak to those who had cancelled our apartment, and seeking a new apartment for which to spend our first few nights. The level of customer service received in our attempts to rectify this situation were poor to say the least and left me and my travel party out of time and out of pocket. The end of the trip was somewhat similar but this time the cancellation was our flight home. While you could say that it is nothing to worry about and you could stay another night, Boston was full. It was a bank holiday in the UK, a public holiday in America and most importantly it was the Boston Marathon meaning an extra half a million visitors to the city. We ultimately got another flight home but again we couldn’t get in touch with our airline, and again we were left with a bad taste and out of pocket.

So this brings us to the question what does good customer service look like to you? In this instance I would have been satisfied with the respective parties simply picking up the phone and talking through the options available instead of a simply informing us that our bookings had been cancelled (via text message!) and leaving us to our own devices. You shouldn’t underestimate the value of good customer service, for example, will I recommend or even use the services of these companies again? Probably not! The next time a friend or an acquaintance talks to me about their dealings with these companies, will I inform them of my unfortunate experience? Most certainly!

Customer service is the preconception of how well you will treat those you have dealings with. This will form in the mind of the client with each and every contact; it can affect behaviours and can even drive loyalty. The bottom line is that good customer service can lead to repeat business. It can also act as a business development tool with recommendations from those you has had dealings with in the past. This can be particularly apparent in your world as a residential conveyancer. As a residential conveyancer you will come across a number of different clients whether that’s liaising with financial lenders, dealing with estate agents or talking to solicitors and other legal representative to name but a few. All of these contacts have the potential to generate additional business further down the line, with the way you treat them having potential consequences in the future. So ask yourself the next time you have dealings with a client, was that the best customer service I could have given? Going the extra mile can pay dividends in the future.

The customer service you will receive from BCL Legal and our dedicated consultants will be of the highest quality. With an honest and practical approach combined with a friendly and well mannered approach means a recruitment service like no other. Therefore if you’re looking for a new opportunity and require the services of a devoted and experienced recruitment team feel free to give us a call and hopefully we can help you take that next step in your career.

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