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What is an Exit Interview?

So you’ve worked on your CV, spoken to BCL, we’ve secured you some interviews and you have landed your dream job! What’s next? Well, of course, we will talk you through handing your notice in but once that’s done there’s still one more step that people seem to forget all about.

The Exit Interview... You’re ready to leave the office but before you do, it’s time for you to meet with either your Head of Department or HR (or both) to discuss why you are leaving. It’s a strange meeting to have – ultimately they know that you are going, but I can speak from experience when I say that it is the perfect time to explain why you first started your job search. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about airing all of your vendettas against your current employer. It is, however, the time to detail the frustrations that you have had, and also explain the impact that this has had on you. Keep it constructive – it’s your opportunity to explain your frustrations so that the firm or company can learn from them. Ultimately, it may be that you’re moving because the location isn’t working for you – in which case there is very little that a firm can do, but if it was about management style/flexible working or one of many other issues then the firm may be able to address this in the future.

Many firms are now embracing the Exit Interview as their way of learning from their mistakes. It’s a useful tool for companies, but I also think that it allows employees to explain why they are moving – and hopefully both parties feel that following the frank discussion they can part on good terms.

At BCL Legal we pride ourselves on aiding you through the entire recruitment process – from assisting you with your CV through to the moment you enter your new office (as well as keeping touch with you once you are in your new role). If you are considering making a move do give BCL Legal a call.

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