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What makes people leave their jobs, and what makes them stay?

What do most of us expect from our jobs on a daily basis? Do we think it’s more important to: feel challenged, to be respected by those around us for our hard work or to receive a great big pay cheque at the end of each month?

Most of the time, when an employee decides it is time to move on from a job it is not about the money or even because they dislike the company, but because of the leadership. Under good leadership there is: regular communication between management and employees, plenty of opportunities to enhance their career and they are trusted with the freedom to do their job properly and efficiently.

Whatever gets you up for work each day and keeps you motivated, it should result in an overall feeling of job satisfaction. If this basic need is not met then it is very easy to become disheartened, uninterested and resentful about spending eight hours a day or more, in a job you don’t like. We have taken a look at what people love about their jobs, what makes them leave and why people accept counter offers when they do find somewhere new.

What makes people leave their jobs

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