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What not to do when looking for a new job

So you’ve made the big decision to find a new job, what next? Here’s my dos and don'ts to job hunting in the legal market.

Do • Think long and hard about why you’re moving and what your new opportunity should look like. Each move on your CV should be reasoned, considered and justifiable. After all with every move will come an interviewer who will be thoroughly scrutinising your CV! • Speak to a trusted recruitment consultant. Yes I am a recruiter and so I may be slightly biased here, but I genuinely believe that a recruiter who knows and understands the market, together with possessing knowledge about the recruitment process and your motivations, can be indispensable. BUT do your research!! As with every profession there are good and bad recruiters and we’ve all heard the horror stories about the bad! • Prepare your CV! Have a look at ‘what not to put in a CV’ in our March Blogs • Approach the search with an open mind. Yes you need to be able to justify each and every move but don’t be afraid to meet people! Interviews focus the mind, focus the search and with each one you will become more in touch with what’s right (and not right) for you. • Most importantly try to enjoy the ride! The right move can be exciting, challenging and a welcome change. Yes you will spend a small amount of time out of your comfort zone but that will only push you to be better. • Even more importantly register with BCL Legal! We are the biggest niche legal recruiter and each consultant understands the market in which they work. We will make sure that we represent you and your experience in the right way and we will guide you through each step.

Don’ts • Be very careful about utilising job boards! Multiple applications to generic jobs will essentially mean that your CV lands on the desk with numerous recruiters. As I mentioned above you should choose a recruiter who understands the market in which they operate so make sure you know the organisation you’re applying to. This is your personal data – protect it! • Be careful about placing your CV on a CV board, especially if you’re an experienced lawyer. You will undoubtedly be contacted by multiple agencies and again, your personal data will be out in the market to be utilised on mass. • There is a place for speculative approaches but you should entrust this to someone who has a very clear grasp on the market place and where potential gaps might exist. Don’t give a recruiter carte blanche to send your details to numerous places without giving any justification for the approach. • Try to resist the temptation to register with numerous agents. One good (thoroughly researched) recruiter with good relationships in the market should be able to handle your search and likewise should be instructed on many of the vacancies in the market. If you do have to register with more than one agent keep a detailed list of where your CV has gone! There really is no excuse for duplicating an application.

If you would like to view the latest jobs from BCL Legal visit our job search page. Alternatively call 0845 241 0933 to speak to one of our specialist consultants for more detailed advice.

Mary Nowell, Private Practice North West team.

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