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What to consider if you're thinking about a move to London

With the introduction of hybrid working, and many of us now spending part of our week working from home, there has been a rise in people considering a wider geographical reach for a potential job move.

The flexibility of working from home has seen many considering a longer commute on the few days they will be going into the office. Similarly, lockdown has made many of us reflect on what we want and likewise some have decided that a move to London from the regions is what they want, both personally and professionally.

If you’re considering a move into the London market, it may be helpful to consider the following factors:


Are you going to relocate?

For some, the idea of moving into London is exactly what they are craving in the post lockdown world that we now live in. It’s important to consider that some firms prefer their employees to be centrally based. This may be due to a need to come into the office on short notice, or simply to demonstrate a long term commitment to working in the City.

If you aren’t thinking of relocating, and instead like the idea of commuting into the City, this is definitely also an option. it’s important to think about what this will look like for your day to day life. Think about how long the commute will take you. How many times a week will you need to do it? What happens if you are required in the office on short notice? It is definitely an option to commute into the City but these are things you should think about before entering into a recruitment process, as future employers will be interested in what your long terms plans are.

Be open minded

When moving from a regional firm into the City, it’s always a good idea to keep your options open. With there being such an array of firms in London, there are numerous options to consider. Are you looking for a large international firm? Are you looking for a strong boutique firm? Are you open to considering new entrants to the market or are you only looking at long established teams? All of these are questions to keep in mind when considering what type of firm you would be looking to move to. The first leap into the London market is an important step when coming from a regional firm, but once achieved, you’ll find that it’s then easier to move to other firms within the London market.


We can all probably agree that when considering a move into the City from a regional practice, the difference in salary is probably one of the main factors you have considered. Bear in mind that with the wide variety of firms in London, salaries can differ. Have realistic expectations and also consider what your long term goals are. Why are you looking at moving into the London market? Is this a long term move? What will the move into the London do for your career long term?

If you’re thinking of a move into the London market, and want to chat through your options, please feel free to contact me for a confidential discussion and I will be more than happy to help.

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