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What to do when you’re counter offered…

The time has come for you to have that awkward conversation with your employer that you are leaving because you have found a new role elsewhere. It is highly likely that if you work in a sector where candidates are in great demand, which at present we are experiencing within residential property, you will be offered a salary increase or a promotion to stay. Why would a firm want to have to go through the process of recruiting and training someone from scratch?

Here is something to consider when this happens…was your reason for leaving really only about money? It is worth bearing in mind that if your reason for leaving was purely to achieve a pay rise in your current role, you run the risk of burning bridges on both sides making your current employer aware of your intention to leave and also wasting the time of a potential future employer.

Or was your reason for leaving more about finding a new challenge, with a new firm and the opportunity to work with new colleagues? It is worth remembering this because if you accept a counter offer, this prevents you from achieving all of the above.

Counter offers are made and accepted because it’s easier and more comfortable to stick with what you know but the majority of people soon realise they are still lacking the new challenges they sought out initially. Once you’ve made the decision to make the move, have confidence in your skills and abilities and trust your instincts.

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