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What we really do...

We have all seen the photos go around on facebook with various pictures depicting “what my friends think I do”, “what my mum thinks I do”, what “society thinks I do” etc. I thought I would dig a little deeper into the life of a recruiter and talk about “what we really do”.

Its not all about firing CVs out left right and centre and hoping they stick – which can often be a ‘myth’ associated with recruiters. Our job is much more than that! My typical day involves being in the office just after 8 (assuming my trains are running on time… that’s a whole other blog…). I logon and respond to all my incoming emails from the night before. Then there are the applications –various jobs boards we advertise on send through job applications on email throughout the night (it often surprises me the number of applications that people send in at 2am/3am in the morning!). By about 9am I am looking on the jobs boards, for any new candidates that may be looking for a new role. We always recommend candidates contact us directly but the jobs boards are a useful tool when we are searching for candidates for the more ‘hard-to-fill’ roles.

The rest of the day is then packed with all sorts, and every day is very different. The job of a recruiter involves spinning a lot of plates all over the place. When one drops another one starts to fall. It can literally be a case of juggling 10 things at once and then adding a few more on for good measure. Some days I can spend the entire day searching a new job, looking for suitable candidates, interviewing them, formatting their CVs and getting them sent to clients. Whilst I am going through candidates CVs, another client may call in with another job, so I may have to run them both side by side. At the same time, clients will call in to arrange interviews, I could be taking interview feedback, writing adverts, liaising with candidates and clients about offers, registering new candidates, rejecting interviewed candidates, responding to emails, and making offers. And that is just a day in the office!

I try to arrange my external client and candidate meetings to all happen over one or two days, so I can spend as much time at my desk as I can. My typical day in the office finishes around 6pm, but I will always check my blackberry late on in the evening. I find it very important to be on call for my candidates, throughout their interview processes as well as during and after placement. That’s not to say I can take calls at midnight, but I will often do interview preparation sessions with candidates in the evening or at weekends, when they are in the comfort of their own home without distractions around them.

So all in all it sounds like we have a pretty hectic day! Which we do – but that said, there is never a dull moment, and it certainly keeps us on our toes. When I read this blog in a few weeks time no doubt there will be a stack of things I have left off, but it all adds to the fun and spontaneity of our jobs.

If you like being busy, rather than twiddling your thumbs waiting for the work to come in – have you considered a career in recruitment? My advice would be having a chat with one of us at BCL Legal – I guarantee we would be able to dispel any misconceptions non recruiters have about the recruitment industry. It is not what you think! Or what those facebook photos portray! The rewards are great, the job satisfaction is even better, and I can honestly say I could not enjoy working with a group of people more than I do. I laugh every day – not everyone can say that about their work.

Think about it – there’s no harm in having a chat.

For more information please contact Rozie Rhodes or visit our website BCL Legal.

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