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Katherine Scarff
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What will happen after the SDLT deadline ends? 

It’s here!

The end of the SDLT holiday and I am sure for many conveyancers across the country a time that can’t come soon enough.

I am sure many are excited for a break and finally some respite after a crazy year. It seems everyone’s experience of this time has been different and speaking to candidate’s over the last 12-18 months it seems that most, can’t wait for it to be over but, some are concerned about what will now happen in the market.

I would ask yourself what do you really think is going to happen, do you think people will stop moving and the market will crash? Keeping up to date with alerts on Right move and with the ever changing needs of people perhaps the market might slow a little but, the problem of supply and demand is still very much prevalent in desirable areas.

With the SDLT recently staggered only saving potential buyers a few £1,000 in the grand scheme of a house move, is it really that much and we might due to some level of uncertainty see a surge in people selling and buying as people are keen to see if prices drop.

So if you are a conveyancer, feel overworked, under pressure and unsettled in your current role, would it be best to look for another opportunity or see what happens with the market? In the last week and several months I've not seen any sign of the conveyancing market slowing down, in fact the opposite - opportunities are coming in thick and fast. For example, with more firms now focusing on work/life balance, it is a great time to be looking, especially if spending more time with family is what you're focusing on.

If you would like a confidential chat around the current conveyancing market or just interested to see what your options are, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on 07530737186.

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