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What will you write?

Have you ever sent your CV somewhere and not heard anything back? Perhaps you thought they have filled the vacancy or your experience just wasn’t quite what they were looking for. It is an interesting topic. What if you are right and are exactly what they are looking for? This lack of response could be for a number of reasons one being your CV. At school I was always taught a CV should be two pages, short and to the point and that’s it, as any more information would just bore the potential employer. However, in fact in the legal field it is the complete opposite, for example even if you had a role for a week you must put it on there as the more information the potential employer has, the more they can work with and see your potential.

The question is, how well written is your CV? If you are using lots of different recruitment agencies that is fine and absolutely your decision but do remember that they have access to your CV hopefully portraying you in the best possible way they can. It is important to be mindful of this as the more information you give to people the easier it is for us the recruiter to explain why you left certain roles or even have periods where you were unemployed. A well written CV is often the key to securing an interview because when that piece paper lands that is all an employer has.

At BCL we strive to be the best and always give the candidates that we work with the best representation in the market, we do this by knowing our jobs inside out and getting to know you. Once we have an in-depth insight in to you, we can really portray you in the best possible light and make sure we are providing as much factual information. Providing firms with an honest and true representation are some of the most important things to us as it our reputation on the line as much as yours.

Yes it is our job to secure you interviews however once this happens the power is in your hands. You then have the opportunity to explain where you worked, why you left and build rapport which unfortunately a CV can not do. At BCL Legal our aim is to secure you with as many interviews as we can and ultimately give you the best chance of securing a new opportunity, so if you would like to discuss new opportunities within residential property or would like some advice on how to approach the job search then get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904.

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