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What would your gift job look like?

As we're already well into the festive season and everyone has presents on their mind, hoping to give that special someone the perfect gift, if you could choose a perfect new job as a gift, what would it look like?

Chances are, it would pay a ridiculously large salary for very few hours, which I am sure you think is an impossible ask? - well the ridiculously large salary maybe, but the more flexible working hours, maybe not.

Had I personally known that that also applied to legal recruitment a couple of years ago, maybe I would have returned from my couple of years' project management slightly earlier, as at that time I needed a job to fit around school hours and term time. Sound familiar?

As certain disciplines, for example commercial property and corporate law, continue to be highly sought after, with the demand for candidates far outstripping availability, firms are learning that to recruit into more elusive specialisms, they would do well to consider candidates who need to or wish to work on a more flexible basis. This therefore opens up the way for solicitors wishing to return to the law after a short career break as well.

Now without wishing to make generalisations, a large proportion of candidates seeking to return to the law are often doing so whilst juggling child care and other commitments, therefore the increase in firms' acceptance of flexible working can only be a good thing. Firms are realising that if they can gain that elusive four year qualified City trained commercial property solicitor or that ex-US firm Partner returning after a career break for three or four days/week on a pro rata'ed salary - surely that level of experience on a part-time basis is better than not at all? Plus of course with the salary being pro rata'ed, this expertise is more likely to fall within budget as well. A perfect solution all round.

Following on in this vein, firms are also far more open to the suggestion of partial home-working, working school hours or term time only now, or to considering a job share arrangement.

So, if you thought your ideal 'gift' job did not exist, you might be pleasantly surprised. Why not give me, Tracy Harris at BCL Legal a call? I specialise in placing solicitors and legal executives at all levels into private practice across the South Midlands, Home Counties and Thames Valley areas (Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and Hampshire) in a wide range of disciplines to include commercial property, property litigation, commercial litigation, construction and family law.

You never know, your Christmas wish might be coming true in the form of a new dream job in the New Year after all!

Happy Christmas!

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