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What you can’t control, don’t worry about

I love certainty, I really like knowing what’s what. My wife finds this slightly annoying as she would prefer a little more spontaneity but there again, when you’ve got young kids most things you do require military precision, so I have become very accustom to working to a plan.

Certain facts we know of right now are that the PM is set to lay her Brexit plans down in the New Year (although people won’t be happy with these plans so what’s the point? The pressure to tell everyone what the plan is seems to be coming mostly from the media, EU leaders who no longer regard us as European anyway and those who voted to remain - so I doubt she will please anyone), unemployment in the UK is at its lowest for quite some time (there are lots and lots of job openings around so this is not surprising), the Pound is weak, the housing market is thriving, the sky is blue, ice is cold, Birmingham City FC have a new manager, we are not in a recession etc etc.

The whole Brexit saga and the perceived uncertainty of the next couple of years in terms of what the deal will look like is making certain people panic but it is not something we can influence. There is no point worrying over something you can’t influence. I understand that change makes some people nervous but all you can deal with is what is in front of you. We don’t know what kind of US president Donald Trump will make, terrorist atrocities all over the world will continue to happen and we don’t know where or when, we know Theresa May’s primary objectives are Britain’s security, prosperity and sovereignty but what the Brexit deal will look like - who knows? As I say, I love certainty but I can also thrive in an environment where a lot of what goes on I can’t control. Let the experts do their jobs, I will do mine.

From a legal recruitment perspective, there are lots of vacancies so whilst I don’t know what the years ahead have in store for me, all I know is that from a work perspective BCL Legal must do its bit so as long as we are doing our upmost to present candidates with opportunities and doing the best job possible for our clients, that’s all we can do.

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