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What's in store for the legal market in 2022? 

It's been a very unusual year to say the least and one that seemed to fly by - so what’s in store for January and what will the legal market look like over the next couple of months?

The amount of legal opportunities available is still as great as ever - no change there. As a general rule of thumb we tend to see legal firms start to slow down hiring processes approaching end of year, and solicitors cooling their interest in exploring the job market as we get into December, however legal recruitment demand and supply remains very much in the spotlight this year. 

It’s coming up to the time where people are planning their New Year’s resolutions and the ‘New year, new me!’ phrase will be back... For a lot of people this means embarking on a new challenge or embracing a new opportunity... Possibly in the form of a new job.

What we will no doubt see over the next few months is things ramping back up way ahead of 2021 levels... 

There’s less competition now than there will be in January/February next year and the ideal role could be sat there already. We’re expecting a busy New Year and recruiters, HR teams and talent acquisition teams are going to be stretched, so if you think you might be looking at opportunities in early 2022, why not, ‘beat the rush’ and start now!

If you’re interested in hearing about legal opportunities, are curious about other salaries across the market, or have any other questions about the legal market, feel free to call or email me for a confidential conversation.

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