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When can an interview go wrong?

Good question! There are a few answers:

When you get out of bed When you get in the car When you arrive at the venue When you walk through the door When you sit down When you open your mouth...

You get the picture here I hope?!?

The reality is if every recruitment consultant could tell a candidate preparing for interview the magic of 100% success they certainly would but unfortunately it’s not that straightforward. I have helped many lawyers prepare for interview and obviously not all of them got an offer of a new job. Can I say that I knew where each had gone wrong from the interview debrief? A lot of the time no but certainly some of the time yes.

There are key things to avoid saying and doing in an interview situation so here are few to consider:

*Avoid being drawn onto what salary you would accept; *Avoid slagging off your current and previous employers; *Avoid over friendly slap stick humour (at least until you know the interviewer will be reciprocal, never assume they will find you funny); *Avoid fidgeting in your seat and not holding eye contact; *Avoid committing to something unless you are certain of what you are committing to (think like a politician - be diplomatic about your feelings and views); *Avoid the temptation to wing it and not go over your CV before the interview. It’s important to refresh your memory on what you did when and why and what next - they will ask; *Finally, avoid looking like you don't care! Whilst it might feel like you are a child at school on the first day of a new term, do get a hair cut, buy a new shirt or blouse, clean your shoes! Gentlemen - beards are ok right now so facial hair is permissible.

There is obviously more to it but the above are basic guidelines. Not all recruiters would agree with me but that's the beauty of interviews, you never quite know what's going to happen.

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