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Where do I fit in?

I find that my morning train journey is a good time for philosophical thought, which often seems more like an existential crisis come to think of it. But as I sit there gazing out of the window moving at 125 miles per hour through the Derbyshire and Staffordshire countryside watching the morning sun trying to warm the morning frost, I cannot help but think about my place in the world.

We are an inconceivably tiny arrangement of atoms in an unfathomably vast universe and yet we give so much attention to our own sense of self worth and importance. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t, our own sense of self worth and importance lends well to happiness and fulfilment. But when you consider this, philosophical as it may be, it does make you wonder about your place in the world, where you fit it and whether one should give it so much thought in the first place?

Unsurprisingly, as a specialist legal recruiter, I usually have this type of conversation with lawyers who are not 100% satisfied with their present situation. There are a multitude of factors to consider when it comes to happiness and satisfaction at work; the environment, your colleagues, your workload, the hours, the commute, the location, the prospect of progression, the money. I could go on and on. All of these factors contribute to the feeling of belonging, the sense of purpose, fitting in and the ultimate feeling of happiness.

Humans are fickle beings and we just want to be accepted, we want to be acknowledged, we want to be valued. To feel like you fit in, to have a sense of belonging and purpose, is one of the most important factors to almost all sentient beings, in my opinion. We go through life experiencing many different highs and lows, successes and failures, wins and losses, romances, anger, fears, joys, surprises etc. etc. These feelings transcend our entire existence, from work to home, amongst friends, colleagues, partners, paramours, spouses and even perfect strangers. When we have a sense of belonging and purpose, when we feel that we fit in, when we feel appreciated, valued and accepted, regardless of where we are or what we’re doing, we will most often feel happy and content.

But, if you’re not happy or content and you begin to question how or where you fit in, this not a question of purpose or existence; It’s more a question of decision making. Everything we do comes down to choice. We either choose to do something or not to do something, we choose to look and behave in a certain way, and we choose where to work and what to do with our lives. Sometimes our choices are limited but more often than not we are compelled by position and authority, desire and lust, greed and ambition. No matter what the reason, ultimately whatever you do, you do so because you choose to. This is where we have to take accountability and responsibility not only for our actions but our circumstances. However, even when we do so, that doesn’t mean we then find happiness with whatever the situation may be.

Those who feel valued and appreciated in the work place are the most productive and the most successful, but success is a relative term; some people want to climb to the top of the ladder, others are happy holding it up. No matter where you are on the ladder, it is only right that you should be appreciated for your contribution and that you should feel safe and comfortable where you work.

For lawyers this varies from firm to firm, and it varies depending on discipline. Different firms have different cultures; different areas of law attract different personalities. It is important to remember why you chose that job and that firm in the first place, but circumstances and people do change. Your ambition as a lawyer evolves as you do; circumstances outside of work may take unexpected turns for good or bad reasons, which would make you reconsider the choice you made in the first place. It isn’t black and white; there are many factors and choices to consider.

That being said, if ever at work you find yourself questioning how you fit in then you may want to change one of these things or you may want to change many of these things. Either way, BCL Legal can help with this.

For more information contact Gishan Abeyratne at BCL Legal.

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