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Why a long interview process is a turn off for lawyers

Why a long interview process is a turn off for lawyers

A recent survey highlighted that 70% of legal professionals are put off a job if there is a long interview process.

The survey found that a similar percentage also expected the complete process – from application to job offer - to take four weeks or less. However, only 25 per cent of employers said the process would take this long in reality, with most being closer to 12 weeks.

Legal professionals who apply for jobs like the interview process to move quickly and many would turn down a role if it took too long!

Surprising?? Possibly not! I have been highlighting to clients for years the importance of keeping the interview and recruitment process moving.

And here is one reason why this is the case: It is human nature to protect oneself from disappointment. So, if you enter into the interview process and you do not hear back it is common to start thinking of all the reasons why the job wasn’t right for you anyway and therefore when the bad news ‘comes’ you aren’t too disappointed.

However when you do get the call 3 weeks later that you are being called back for a 2nd or 3rd interview the momentum has gone, interest has waned and you have come up with lots of reasons why this is not the right job for you anyway!

Clients be warned!!

Mark Levine, Director, BCL Legal In-house

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