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Why are my employees leaving?

This is a question I am sure many of you ask, when a flurry of notices land on your desk…? Why do people quit? What is so wrong that it is making people want to leave?

A large multi-national PLC, recently conducted an analysis of workers who remained and those who left, they discovered that those who stayed were far more likely to enjoy their work, feel like their jobs utilised their strengths and believe they were building skills that would help them later in their careers.

The team found that when you tailor a job to a worker’s passions, talents, and work-life priorities they end up with more satisfied, more committed employees, those who left felt forced into a preconceived role that didn’t play to their strengths…

On the flip side of this, there is often a focus on the job, the boss and/or the company as to the reasons that workers stay or leave a position. Sometimes people love their job, their boss and the company but they still leave. In these situations, it may be that they have something going on outside of work, maybe they have ambitions that the company cannot satisfy; do they want to work internationally? Are they planning a family? are they looking at a career change? This is where you need to ensure you are conducting a thorough exit process to determine whether there are factors in play that you just cannot avoid.

Some final thoughts for this month, I once read that “a good coach moulds their team around the skill set of their players. A bad coach attempts to force the players to adopt their game plan regardless of their skill set.” So, in football, a coach may love “a Barca style of play,” but if the players can't play “Tiki-taka,” the coach is setting up for one long season and probably the exit door, same thing for bosses and their employees.

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