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Why are you looking for a new Job?

Why are you looking for a new Job?

Here are the main reasons we find people in the legal industry begin to look for new job:

• For a change of scenery
• To develop their technical experience
• For a smaller caseload
• To move into a supervisory/managerial role
• To retrain into a new discipline/area of law
• For relocation reasons
• To gain a higher salary/better package
• To use as a bargaining tool to gain a higher salary from their current employer
• Because they are unhappy with the type of work they deal with
• They have fallen out with a colleague/or their boss
• To avoid an ex-partner who works at their firm
• To move closer to home
• For less responsibility
• For more responsibility
• To work less hours
• To attain better benefits
• For more flexible working hours
• A new challenge

Whatever the reason is that you are for looking for a new opportunity within the law, we at BCL Legal, are able to assist you. We offer a bespoke service where we spend time getting to know you, your reasons and motivations for moving and your most important criteria in a new role which then enables us to tailor our search to find your perfect opportunity.

Our teams are structured so that each consultant deals with specific areas of law in a specific location so that we become specialists in that area. Over the years we have developed close working relationships with the main decision makers in the market, allowing us to be well informed on all current and potential job opportunities in the market.

As experienced consultants working from offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and London, we are dedicated to making your next move the right one.

For more information please visit our website BCL Legal.

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